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We offer a multitude of surveys depending on your needs. We are capable of performing all types of surveys. For whatever is necessary as required by your project.

As fully certified BCLS we can survey on Crown Lands (Provincial or Municipal), Private Lands (Residential or Commercial).

This is a list of typical survey types we provide. If you would like to request something specific please contact us.



Dividing a parcel of land into two or more lots. This also includes proposals, designs, and meeting requirements of the approving authorities, including handling the application process if desired.


Combining two or more parcels into a single lot. A similar process to a subdivision.

Lot Line Adjustments:

Changing the boundary between two adjacent lots. A similar process to a subdivision.


Used to grant leasehold rights over a portion of a property.

Strata Plans:

Create individual titles for apartments, condominiums, or land that share common facilities and common property. This can include Phased Stratas, Bare Land Stratas, or a simple one building plan strata.

Road Closures, Dedications, or Reserves:

Municipalities sometimes require additional dedication during development of a property. Or a road may no longer be necessary and may be closed and added to your lot.


The dedication of rights over one property in favour of another property. Typically for issues like access or small encroachments.

Statutory Right of Ways:

A dedicated area of your property which gives specific rights to (usually) a utility company. This includes power, gas, and water. The company or municipality has rights to install, repair and access to the Right of Way.


Places restrictions or usage conditions on certain aspects of a property. This is typically for reasons such as no-build zone, no-disturb area, environmentally sensitive area, septic area, or rock fall hazard area, but may include others.


If your property has a natural boundary (lake or river), you may be entitled to additional lands when soil is deposited naturally over time through accretion.

Building Layouts:

When constructing a residence or commercial building it is necessary to lay out the location of the building in relation to the setbacks and property lines. This can be a two-step process; layout for excavation, followed by layout of the foundation to ensure the building sits in the designed location. Depending on your municipality you may also require a BC Land Surveyor Certificate of Location.

BC Land Surveyor Certificates of Location:

This shows the location of all permanent structures on the lot in relation to the property lines as well as identifying all charges on title such as easement, statutory rights of ways and covenants. It is also used for financing and mortgage purposes.

Property Line Stakeouts:

We will find enough legal evidence to properly stake out and mark the boundaries of your lot. Typically for fencing purposes. If your corners are destroyed you may require a Posting which would replace the missing property corner pins.


Replacement of your property corner pins. This also requires the drafting and filing of a posting plan in the Land Title Office.

Topographic Surveys:

Site information is collected for design purposes such as subdividing, new roadways, volumetric calculations, riparian assessment calculations, or residential planning. It can show elevations and contours, existing utilities, roads, buildings, natural boundaries, and other ground features.